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Jordan Mintzer

Jordan Mintzer is a contributing Paris-based Film Critic for The Hollywood Reporter. Prior to that, he wrote for Variety. His writings have also appeared in the French publications Les Cahiers du cinéma, Le Monde, So Film and Libération, and he is a regular guest on the French radio show On Aura Tout Vu. He is the author of three interview books — "Conversations with James Gray," "Conversations with Darius Khondji" and "Conversations with Dean Tavoularis" — and the producer of the feature films "Hamilton," "Putty Hill" and "Sollers Point." Mintzer grew up in Queens, N.Y., and has a BBA in Economics from Baruch College.

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‘Who by Fire’ Review: A Visit to the Country Turns Epically Sour in Philippe Lesage’s Powerful Ensemble Drama

The third feature from the Quebecois director of 'Genesis' and 'The Demons' premiered in Berlin’s Generation 14plus section, where it received the international jury prize.

‘The Strangers’ Case’ Review: Omar Sy in an Intense Refugee Drama That Preaches a Bit More Than It Practices

The 'Lupin' star headlines the feature debut of producer and activist Brandt Andersen, who adapted the story from his prizewinning short 'Refugee.'

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Writer-director Min Bahadur Bham’s second feature follows a newlywedded woman who crosses the Himalayas in search of her fleeing husband.

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Director Meryam Joobeur, whose 2020 short 'Brotherhood' was nominated for an Oscar, unveiled her first feature in competition at the Berlinale.

‘Black Tea’ Review: Abderrahmane Sissako’s Evocative but Slippery Diasporic Drama

The latest feature from the ‘Timbuktu’ director follows an African bride who flees to China in order to start a new life.

‘Langue Étrangère’ Review: A Tough and Tender Romance Between Two Teen Girls Finding Each Other in Translation

The third feature by writer-director Claire Burger ('Real Love') co-stars Nina Hoss and Chiara Mastroianni as mothers of 17-year-olds on opposite sides of the French-German border.

‘My New Friends’ Review: Isabelle Huppert Headlines Andre Techine’s Unconvincing Social Drama

The latest feature from the 80-year-old French director (‘Wild Reeds,’ ‘My Favorite Season’) premiered in Berlin’s Panorama sidebar.

‘Architecton’ Review: From the Director of ‘Gunda,’ a Visually Mesmerizing Meditation on the Bedrock of Existence

The latest documentary from Victor Kossakovsky premiered in competition at the Berlinale and will be released stateside by A24.

French Writer Christine Angot on Confronting Incest in Her Filmmaking Debut, ‘A Family’

With over 20 books to her name, author Christine Angot has been a pillar of France’s literary scene for more than three decades. Her breakthrough novel Incest, published in 1999, was a blisteringly honest account of the author’s rape by her estranged father while she was a teenager. Many of her subsequent novels, including Le […]

‘The Empire’ Review: Bruno Dumont’s Artsy Space Spoof Is Beautifully Crafted and Certifiably Insane

The director of 'Humanity' and 'Li'l Quinquin' returns to Berlin's main competition with a sci-fi satire starring Fabrice Luchini and Camille Cottin.

‘Meanwhile on Earth’ Review: Jeremy Clapin’s Latest Combines Shaky Sci-Fi Storytelling and Arresting Imagery

The Oscar-nominated French director ('I Lost My Body') premiered his live-action genre bender in Berlin’s Panorama sidebar.

‘At Averroes & Rosa Parks’ Review: A Probing and Compassionate Study of Mental Illness

French director Nicolas Philibert follows up ‘On the Adamant,' which won Berlin's Golden Bear prize last year, with another deep dive into a psychiatric facility.