Private Insurance Billing Job Aids


Orientation and front office

Introduction to Private Insurance Terminology
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

Researching Private Insurers
Sample Clinic Insurance Survey
Evaluating Your Survey Results

A Primer on In-Network and Out-of-Network Health Plans
In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Benefits

Verifying Patient Insurance
Verifying Private Insurance
Private Insurance: Calling vs. Online Verification
Sample Insurance Status Log Sheet


Private Insurance Contracting
Private Insurance Contracting: Getting Started
Sample Insurance Contracting Log Sheet
Sample Letter of Intent
Private Insurance Documents Checklist
How to Put Together Your Insurance Folder
Talking to a Private Insurance Contracting Representative
Private Insurance Contract Implementation

Billing Resources

Introduction to Clearinghouses
A Primer on Medical Claims Clearinghouses

Billing Private Insurance
Sample Private Insurance Billing Form
Your Guide to Medical Code Books
Billing Checklist

Managing Outstanding Insurance Claims
Account Receivable Report Tips
Your Accounts Receivable Checklist